Benjamin Wolf & Albert Wolak

“When two seniors — Eithan and Maya — approached us offering the position of Special Edition Editor for The Roar Post, we didn’t realize at that moment how much it would change our lives; it wasn’t a moment that altered our character, rather it changed the way in which we looked at life as a whole. The job description encompassed the most popular section of The Roar Post: Humans of Hillel. Stemming from the famous “Humans of New York,” our version profiled a staff member or student every other week, and we’d tell their narrative through Instagram. Before we started, the posts were basic pictures with a short story that averaged several likes per image. Fast forward three years: the young sophomores that took over the page created a community wide brand that tripled in likes between Instagram and Facebook. But for us, the popularity was of least importance. We only began to fathom the extent of our impact the first Friday, after our first post. After interviewing a new student at Hillel, we saw a shy football player become the new star of the high school. At that moment, we both realized that we were given a gift — a responsibility — to give people a voice they would never have without us.
Our interviews became routine. Every week, we would sit down with someone different — it often was a peer or teacher — and learn a small lesson, giving us insight about each individual. We learned that everyone has an interesting side, and our job was to capture it. No matter the age difference, from each interviewee we gained a broader understanding of our community — and ultimately the larger world in which we live in. It was crazy to see that even our closest friends had stories they would only share with us when the microphone was handed to them; some teachers have the wildest endeavours, and the administrator you walk past everyday, has the craziest anecdotal experience. As seniors, it is now time to pass the microphone to the next lucky pair, but because of this experience, we will start the next chapter of our lives ready to make important relationships and knowing that everyone has a story to tell. And so, we leave the heirs to our throne with one last advice: Cherish each opportunity and learn something new every week because this is a privilege only a few students ever get to experience.”

– Benjamin Wolf & Albert Wolak, 12th Grade Students & Co-Editors of Special Edition for The Roar Post.

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