Benjamin Pluim

“I’ve always tended to create close friendships with the people who force me to push myself. A little while ago, my friend and I went snowboarding in the completely steep, black and double black slopes in the Utah mountains. These mountains made it clear to inexperienced boarders not to go down the second half of some of them, which to me, looked literally like a vertical wall. Disregarding the warning, my friend, without even giving me a chance to think about it, snowboarded down. I was left with no choice other than to go down too. And since it was my first time and I really didn’t know what I was doing, I went straight down, fell off the cliff and ended up at the top of a pine tree, waiting for ski patrol to come and rescue me and my broken ribs. Looking back, I’ve realized how much this story resembles how I live my life. I tend to look at the good and begin every day in a positive manner, ready to experience new things and explore different opportunities. If I wouldn’t take every new opportunity given to me, I would have never moved to Miami and I would have never found this new community, which is filled with so much love and support!”

– Benjamin Pluim, High School Physics Teacher

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