Ben Magidson

“So, before I joined the army I went to a high school called Gulliver Prep, which is a very privileged high school in Pinecrest, FL. I was like a lot of the kids that came from very affluent families. I thought that I was one of the smartest kids, I’d talk back to teachers, I was disrespectful, I was rude to my friends and coaches, and I didn’t care about my parents’ rules. But as soon as I joined the United States Army, I gained discipline, learned about what is right and wrong, and how to treat people fairly. It took me about four to five years of tough military service, and going through hell to realize that I should care about other people before myself. One of the first things I did after I joined the military was that I went straight to my high school and apologized to the kids during an assembly. I apologized specifically, face to face, to all the teachers who I lied to, was disrespectful to, and the teachers that I was anything but a great student to in their class. There were five to six kids that I teased during my four years there and I wrote them individual emails apologizing and letting them know about the type of person I am now. So, the military was something that changed my life and allowed me to not only gain the respect that I have today, but to show the type of leadership that I portray as the Dean of Students.”
-Ben Magidson, Dean of Students

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