Avi Parrino

“My Freshman year of high school was the first year I made the wrong decision of not working hard in school. I never wanted to put any time nor effort into any of my work, and continued to run through my entire high school career not caring about my grades. I know this is something that happens to a lot of people, but it was the fact that I cared, but didn’t feel like trying, that killed me. This past summer I decided to participate in a 6 week college program at University of Florida. There I met Professor Rossi, whom I became extremely close with. This man had the ability to change my whole point of view about school, and that is one among many reasons I wish I had met him sooner. He is an extraordinary person. He explained to me the importance of school and ingrained in me the principle, that is I succeeded in school, being that I live in America, there was nothing I wouldn’t be able to accomplish in life. I come from a family that hasn’t attended college before, non of my siblings did, and I plan on being the first. I have great ambitions for myself. I want to start a business, be an entrepreneur, so that is a huge weight on my shoulder. I feel the need to make my dad proud. This year, I have pushed myself harder than ever before and as they say I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. I definitely changed my mindset, on everything.”

-Avi Parrino, Student (12th Grade)

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