Ariel Grobman

“I was just a freshman, still stepping into the crazy endeavour that is high school. I saw myself on the grass turfs of Melbourne competing for the State Championship for my school. As soon as that last penalty was shot, I saw my team celebrating, and that was a sight like no other. “We Won States” is all I could think about for the next couple of weeks; it felt like a movie. The small, quiet freshman had just helped his private school in becoming the first Jewish institution to win soccer states in the country. As a defender, I had a huge responsibility which I was able to keep up to hoist the trophy. Now, fast-forward three years later and as a senior, I’m excited for my last journey as a center-back for Hillel. Whether it’s homecoming or our annual rival against Country Day, I hope to take advantage of every moment and hopefully have the same feeling walking off this year as I did as a ninth grader.”

– Ariel Grobman, 12th Grade Student and Varsity Soccer Captain

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