Ariel Cabrera

“My story all started when I was sixteen. Growing up in Cuba, I really wanted a motorcycle, and I basically grew up on two wheels with bicycles. A couple of years later, when my girlfriend’s car was sent to the shop, I gave her my car, and using that as an excuse, I got myself a motorcycle. For about a year, I was riding it back-and-forth no problem; I was actually making decent money off deliveries. One day, while I was on the highway, I was going a little over the speed limit when a huge truck swerved across the highway and a big stack of industrial bubble wrap fell off perfectly in my lane. In a split second, I made the decision and tried going over it knowing I didn’t have time to avoid it. The bubble wrap ended up hitting me off my bike, and sending me down to the floor, rolling and tumbling through the asphalt — it all happened in slow motion. My first thought was that my motorcycle was going to break, but my second thought was much worse: I was going to die. More thoughts came rushing into my mind, and what was not important before, suddenly became important to me. When I finally realized I was still alive, I felt every part of my body in pain, and It was as if I was in a movie. After getting my bike and moving to the side of the road, I completely passed out, twice. Next thing I know, the paramedic is cutting off my Jordan 1’s — which I loved — and jeans. Everything was rashed. After about seven months, I got back to riding motorcycles. After a while, I went back to going on the highway because I wouldn’t let fear take over my life. I love being on my motorcycle, and I know I got to live life to the fullest, so I never let fear take over. One little accident couldn’t stop me from doing what I love.”

–  Ariel Cabrera, High School Physics Teacher

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