Arepas for Sale


Seniors Daniella Dombey, Hannah Fiske, Mica Baredes, Rachelle Murciano, and Orly Chaillo took the initiative to sell arepas, Venezuelan corn cakes, to Scheck Hillel high schoolers, fundraising for their Senior Trip in February. The girls took to the Scheck Hillel kitchen early Wednesday morning and prepared the treats, cooking them fresh for students as they flooded around their stand by the modulars. “The arepas were not only amazing but they were for a good cause as well,” junior Alexa Cohen said. A widely popular treat among students and parents alike, the arepas were a huge success.

Grade 12’s Senior Trip will commence on Sunday, February 18 – an event every student anticipates as their last year in Scheck Hillel comes to a close. Students will first arrive in Atlanta, Georgia to tour the bustling city’s attractions and dine, followed by a road trip via a double decker bus headed to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. While in the Great Smoky Mountains, seniors will enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, and ice skating. Faculty and students will stay at the luxurious Hearthside Cabins located in Pigeon Forge, just a short drive away from Gatlinburg and its countless exciting activities.

All profits from the arepa sales will go towards funding for the Senior Trip, ensuring that this bonding experience will be the most action-packed, inclusive journey for the seniors as they spend their last days all together before summer rolls around  and they prepare for their post-high school paths. The day’s sales were so great that the girls quickly ran out of enough arepas to meet the high demand. This will indeed become a regular event after additional planning and preparation – something that all high schoolers will definitely be looking forward to in the time ahead.


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