Antisemitism, Tragedy and Security

Eleven people lost their lives on Saturday, October 27th due to an unreasonable act of pure hate. Devastation has been instilled in many of the lives of those within the community of the detrimental incident and Jews around the world.

Most Jews were heading to Shul on this seemingly-normal Shabbat morning, a day of worth, happiness and value in Judaism. This is a time in which Jewish people devote to serving G-d alongside their friends and families at Shul, spending time and catching up with their individual families, and resting from the long week behind them.

However, this was not the case that Saturday morning in The Tree of Life Synagogue. A day supposed to be filled with joy and life was turned upside down.

One of the many anti-Semitic individuals present in today’s world stormed into Shabbat services – in which a Bris was being held – equipped with an AR-15-style assault rifle.

Witnesses claim he exclaimed “All Jews must die!,” seconds before taking the lives of eleven innocent individuals. The atrocity is now known to be the deadliest anti-Semitic attack America has ever experienced.

Animosity toward the Jewish nation may never be eliminated, but the hateful acts alongside this antipathy can definitely be weakened. People question whether this act could have been prevented or less severe with the implementation of stricter gun laws? Or, whether it a matter of security and if Jewish schools and places of worship must elevate their measures of safety due to the inescapable acts of anti-Semitism?

When presented with the question above, sophomore Tanya Almog responded by stating, “What happened was horrible. I believe that gun laws should be stricter, and sadly, places of worship must have better security as well. It is not either-or.”

As a matter of fact , religious schools and places of worship have recently been increasing their levels of security, in order to prevent such catastrophes.

“I think that Jewish schools and places of worship definitely need more security. There will, sadly, always be anti-Semitism in today’s world, and we must protect ourselves and keep living our Jewish lives,” says sophomore Denise Yudovich.

Despite the goal to break our nation apart, these devastating acts of hatred only bring us closer together. We must show the world that we are stronger than hate. We must show those who have a strong animosity towards us that we can’t be broken apart and will never stop living our lives as Jews.

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