Ani Medaber: Scheck Hillel’s Annual Literary Magazine

Ani Medaber: I speak.

This is the name of Scheck Hillel’s annual literary magazine that I started last year. Having been a lover of writing most of my life, I saw an opportunity at school to combine my love of writing with the literary and artistic talent of the student body. It was an idea I first had in my sophomore year and decided to carry out in my junior year, with the help of Mrs. Baltodano and Raquel DiMitri.

Many people have asked me, “Well, what even is a literary magazine?” And here is the simplest answer: It is a platform whereby students could submit any writing, artwork, or photography they want to showcase. In this way, we could celebrate the creativity, ideas and talents of our peers at school. This is different to The Roar Post, the school newspaper, because The Roar Post focuses on articles and current events. The literary magazine is more open-ended, giving students the ability to submit just about any writing, picture, or artwork they desire, as long as it is school appropriate and fits on one page. It can be anything the student has already completed, or anything the student wishes to write, draw, or photograph for the purpose of the magazine.

We chose the name “Ani Medaber” because we wanted the magazine to be a place where students could speak their minds in their own literary or artistic ways. We have had topics range from gun violence, to outside hobbies, to Oprah running for president. There truly is no limit as to what you may speak about, and for that reason, we strongly encourage everyone to submit to the magazine.

Additionally, we are looking for more students to be involved in helping behind-the-scenes of the magazine. We are looking for representatives from each grade to help spread the word to their respective grades about submitting, and we are also looking for two juniors who would like to take over leadership positions next year, once Raquel and I graduate.

Literary magazines exist at schools across the country, and there are even competitions where you can submit your school’s magazine to compete against other school magazines and the school with the best ones win rewards. Getting involved in the magazine at Scheck Hillel is super easy, and it will benefit you because it looks really good on college applications.

Reach out to me (Alexa Cohen, 12th grade), Raquel DiMitri (12th grade), or Mrs. Baltodano for more information and to get involved today!

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