Amy Gallup

“About a decade ago, my family and I set forth a goal for ourselves that we dreamed of accomplishing — a task that we thought would be really amazing to complete. The dream was to see the “amber waves of grain” and truly experience our country. When my children were six and eleven, my family began our mission to visit each of the 50 states in the USA. While working to complete this dream of mine, I have created many lifelong experiences and memories. I was perhaps most surprised by Wyoming, a state I hadn’t expected to love as much as I did.  While I anticipated seeing horses and “cowboys,” I never could have imagined the beauty of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. I was truly fascinated by the beauty that this, and many other states, showed which isn’t always  portrayed on the surface. One of the more notable places we visited was California, though it was just what I expected. From the beautiful valleys of Napa and the shore in Monterey, to the astounding Redwood trees, California really does have it all. Although our journey isn’t complete, I’m positive one day we will be able to visit all 50 states. One thing I take away from this  journey is what it has inspired me to do. After visiting these beautiful sites, I feel like more of the country’s youth should be able to experience all of America as well. In the future, I want to start a program in which children who financially wouldn’t be able to visit different parts of the country, can have the chance. I think of it as an “American Birthright Trip,” an opportunity we should be able to provide for all of our youth, to see what my children and I have seen, and feel what we have felt through these amazing endeavours.”

– Mrs. Amy Gallup, our new Head of Upper School

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