Amanda Scheck

“A casual, happy Sunday hanging out at a friend’s house. My mother insisted on me coming home since I hadn’t seen her all weekend, but I really wanted to stay with my friends before having to go back to the week’s hassle of school work and dance that would come during the following week. I got in the shower to get ready to go out, and that is when my life changed. First thing I noticed was that I slipped, then I hear my friend Maya ask from outside if I’m okay, and I just said I was fine because I truly felt no pain. I felt a little embarrassed for breaking my friend’s shower shelf, but, although I didn’t realize it yet, that was the least of my worries. When I finally got myself together, I realized that my whole back had sliced open, and I was dripping blood in excessive amounts. I call in Maya, and when she comes in, her reaction scared me more than the fall itself. Next thing I knew, I was being helped by four friends and a parent to the hospital, and they all seemed more terrified than I did. On my way to the hospital, all I could think of was how much I wanted to see my parents now. After being treated, the doctor told me how lucky I was that if this cut was a centimeter longer, my condition would be much worse. Reflecting on what occurred, I describe my actions in two words, careless and unappreciative. I learned from this to appreciate my family and friends, how lucky I am, and to be more careful because life is so unpredicateable. Amanda pre-accident was very foolish, but now that experience helped me grow to become someone stronger and more appreciative of every aspect of life”

– Amanda Scheck, 10th Grade Student

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