Alli Dronsick

“Bind Us Together is an organization that collects new and gently used school supplies, refurbishes them if necessary, and donates the “like new” supplies to those who do not have the means to buy new. A few years ago, a family friend of mine at another school introduced me to this organization and set it up so that I could take it over once he graduated. Once he did, I brought the organization to Hillel and began setting up locations and spreading awareness for the bins that would be placed around campus, where students could donate their supplies. Over the summer, my friends and I would then clean and “make new” of the supplies, which we would then go donate to the Overtown Youth Center. As of now, we have expanded our initiative to other schools in South Florida, Los Angeles, and Arizona. Working with this organization has not only bettered my relationship with the children, but has opened my eyes as to their unfortunate and unfair limitations. For that reason, I want to remain involved as a means to continue helping the kids reach their fullest potential — something I feel is a responsibility. Now I humbly ask of you to help me accomplish this mission. Any donations to the organization would make a world of a difference, so please pass your used supplies to those who truly need them! P.S: boxes are all across campus!”

– Alli Dronsick, 10th Grade Student

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