Alicia Bernal

“I have been at Hillel for 26 years, and a lot of things have changed since I’ve been here. Hillel has grown up and become much bigger. We have gotten a new facility, and Hillel has become much more South American; that’s for sure. It used to be that Hillel only had PE, but now it has sports teams, a band, an orchestra, and choir as well. When I started working here, there were only 750 students and now theres over 1000. That’s definitely a good change. I’ve also had every position in the book, from translator, to admissions, to bookkeeping, to receptionist, and even a nurse. You guys are my family; I always say I have hundreds of grandchildren. Everyone knows me. A couple of years ago I was at Disney, coming out of the bathroom, and I hear ‘Alicia’, I look up and it’s this little girl from Hillel standing right in front of me. Not everyone knows this, but I will be retiring at the end of the year. It has been an amazing 26 years, but it’s time to move on; start something new. I will definitely come back to visit.”

– Alicia Bernal, Receptionist

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