AJ Lindenbaum

“About ten months ago, I began feeling exhausted, angry, depressed and for some reason, the thought that I was going to die kept popping up in my head. I tried not to think much of it, so I continued with my life as normally as possible. It worked for a while, until I went to Canada with my family, for Pesach, and that’s when it got much worse. All of the sudden, I started throwing up, sleeping tirelessly, and next thing I knew, I was being taken to the hospital. After four days in the hospital, the doctors told me something that would forever change my life. I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I was crushed. I felt like I was being punished by God. One thing got me through it, though: music. While in the hospital, my cousin introduced me to a something called “Logic Pro X.” It is a platform that allows me to create music. It is my white canvas; when I can’t express my feelings in words, I’m able to express my emotions through music. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been searching for meaning. Finally, I’ve found this incredible gift, where I can channel all my pain and hardships into something beautiful. Everything truly happens for a reason.”

– AJ Lindenbaum, 9th Grade Student

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