Advice from Seniors

This week, I interviewed a few seniors to ask them for tips to thrive throughout high school. I asked senior Joel Assor, 12th Grade Representative, for a few tips about how to get through high school successfully. His first tip was, “Use the nifty planner that Scheck Hillel kindly provides you with to manage your schoolwork and create a schedule. This will help you get rid of anxiety when you are given an abundance of homework.” Following this answer, I asked how he came to this realization, and he said that he started high school without a planner, but as he went through ninth grade, he realized that all the work that he was given was hard to keep track of, so he had to write everything down somewhere. The Scheck Hillel planner was the perfect place to write everything down and keep his assignments organized.

The next tip he gave me was, “Whenever you’re not in a class, don’t think about class. Use the breaks put into your schedule to catch up with friends and eat a snack. A big part of your Scheck Hillel experience occurs outside of the classroom.” The fact that students have breaks in between classes and time to catch up with friends makes Hillel not only a school but a home for lots of people and is one of the best things about attending Hillel. By not thinking of class during the breaks, one can avoid stressing out about any tests or quizzes coming up, and can simply enjoy his/her time.

The third tip he divulged me with was, “Try not to compare your grades or test scores with other people. A big stress factor in high school is comparing grades and standardized test scores. Avoid that entirely by taking yourself out of those conversations and simply trying your hardest to earn the best grades that YOU can earn.” People often compare their test scores with other people, putting themselves or the other person down. By not comparing results with other students, one leaves less stress and tension on his/her plate, and is, therefore, more able to succeed in that class. 

The following tip he informed me with was, “Take advantage of all of the opportunities Hillel gives you. Going to a small high school gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is better to try and to fail than to finish high school and regret not trying at all.” Unlike other schools, Hillel offers students many different types of extra credit or community service opportunities such as Friendship Circle and Environmental club. Joining these types of activities may help boost your college application and chances of acceptance.

The final tip Mr. Assor gave me was, “Be open to making new friends. Since Hillel is such a small school, students have the luxury of being able to know everyone in their graduating class, if they want to. Being friends or at least friendly with a lot of people takes away a lot of social anxiety and will make high school a lot more fun.” Friendship is one of the key objectives that one needs to have throughout highschool. Friends help people get comfortable, lose stress, and enjoy school. Without friends, one’s journey throughout high school would be boring and mundane, so making good friends is the biggest key to success in high school.

Moreover, I also asked 12th grader Ariel Yecutieli for his insight on how to get through high school successfully. The first answer he gave me was, “Do not procrastinate.” One of the biggest mistakes high-schoolers make is that they leave projects and schoolwork until the last minute, but properly balancing time is crucial in making it through every day happily. His next tip was, “Get teachers to like you.” A huge mistake that students make when first entering a course is getting on a teacher’s bad side. In order to get through a course and make the experience fun, you have to get on the teacher’s good side and be the first and last person in the class, always while always being an active listener and paying attention. Ariel also stated, “Go to office hours.” Not only will this help get on a teacher’s good side, but it increases your capability to get a good grade in the class. 

His last tip was, “Don’t get your fellow classmates mad and make friends around campus” Once again, friendship is key in getting through high school as stated by both Joel and Ariel. By not getting your classmates mad and instead of being friends with them, you form bonds that may last a lifetime and have people to support you throughout high school.

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