Abraham Woldenberg

“Around one year ago, I discovered one of my biggest passions through a video game. Yes, a video game. Someone gave me this racing simulation game called Project Cars, the more I played it, the more I learned the physics and mechanics of cars and how they worked. In a little more than a month, I was ranked top 7% in the world. I started to look at cars differently and began to watch Formula 1. I started to acquire a passion for something I never really paid any attention to, Motorsports. I knew I was pretty good in a video game, but I didn’t know if I could do this in real life. I was bugging my dad for months to let me try out karts. Let me tell you, these karts aren’t like the ones you find in K1 Speed, at all, these things are brutal, they pull almost as many G’s in corners as F1 cars. All the greatest drivers started in karts; Senna, Hamilton, Schumacher and almost all others. So I figured I should start there as well. My first day of testing didn’t go as I had expected, the Karts were tough to manage, learning the setup/mechanics of the car, the racing line and the brake zones were really tough tasks. I was down about 7 seconds a lap from the other kids my age. In racing terms being seven seconds off is like being down seven touchdowns in a Football game. To my surprise, the coach and mechanic told me I had raw talent, and potential. I kept coming to the track to practice and then proceeded to participate in two club races. The first race I finished in last, but the second I got my first podium and finished in third. It was a feeling I’ll never ever forget, one similar to taking home a state championship! It truly gave me that feeling of self accomplishment. I had been racing for five months and ended up beating others who had been racing for years. I truly experienced how a strong passion and a will to put in more effort than any other person leads to succeeding your goals, and once you beat your previous goal, well, we’re off to the next one.”

– Abraham Woldenberg, 10th Grade Student

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