A Little Trip to Broadway

This fall, the Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program presented A Little Trip to Broadway. This show featured students from fourth grade to twelfth grade, with the great objective to showcase the students’ talent To illuminate such talents, the directors specifically select songs and scenes for each student that best fits their personality and that caters to their singing ability. Unlike last year’s Spring Showcase, the Fall Showcase included acting scenes, rather than only musical performances. The group of students featured in the performance had an amazing energy that was felt by the entire audience! 

On the first night of the performance, the theater was a full house. “A Little Trip to Broadway”, was an exciting opening song to the performance which was upbeat and set the bar high for the rest of the performance. As a whole, the group fit together perfectly and sounded phenomenal. Some outstanding performances include, “Scene Ten” which featured twelfth grader Rotem Miara and Jeremy Schonfeld. “I Want to go to Hollywood”, “What it Means to Be a Friend”, “Home”, “Born to Entertain”, “Watch What Happens”, “Shribbled”, “Mama Says”, were great performances as well. Closing the performance, “Something About This Night” which ended the show on an exciting note. Each song and scene fit the students in it perfectly; the selections were chosen specifically for each student. 

The performance wouldn’t have been possible without the staff that pieced together every aspect of the performance. The directors, Mr. Campisi, Ms. Bass, and Ms. Losada, as well as the choreographer Ms. Brown, made the song and scene selections, choreographed routines, and guided the students through the performance. “This performance is very rewarding to see the growth of the students from day one to the final show,” Ms. Losada explained. “Each student has an opportunity to be the lead and the ensemble; everyone gets the spotlight.” 

Students in the performance were a collection of kids from all different grades, but they all became friends through the experience. “Theater people are more unique than most people, and each theater person has different, interesting and amazing qualities. I’ve made so many friends and they are al; amazing friends, great actors, tech people, directors, and choreographers,” said Rotem Miara. Bonds amongst the group are strong and were visible to everyone at the performance. Rotem Miara, a high school senior, participated in her eighth performance with the Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program. When asked how she feels because it is her last performance with the group at Scheck Hillel, she said, “It’s bittersweet. Bitter because the program and the people are amazing and I have made countless memories, but sweet because I’ll be able to sing onstage once I leave the school and I can reach my full potential.”

The performance overall was a huge success. Energy from the performers radiated onto the audience. During the performance on the second night, the audience danced and clapped along to the final song of the show. The cast was amazing and the show they put on all together was incredible. The next show that the Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program is presenting is Marry Poppins; it will feature students from third grade to twelfth grade. If you are interested in auditioning, the audition packet can be found online at ehillel.org.

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