A (Color) War Erupts

A war broke out in Scheck Hillel…

This year’s Color War saw students engage in an incredibly wide array of activities; from sports to engineering and art competitions to team chants, students did it all. The entire high school was divided into four teams that adhered to a central theme, the four primary elements in the universe: Adamah (Earth), Shamayim (Sky), Aish (Fire), and Mayim (Water). The news was delivered to students via a surprise assembly, which even included a legendary brawl between a dinosaur and a lion! Students were then informed of the imminent Color War and the festivities were underway.

The team Generals and Captains were quickly appointed and instructed to organize their teams for the first major event; the Amazing Race. This event included over 15 stations; each offered unique challenges that required different students to complete different tasks, ranging from solving a math problem to running a lap around the football field to building a human pyramid. The madness continued into the next event, which included Jewish trivia, small minute to win it games, and an elaborate scavenger hunt. While some students participated in these events, others were busy creating an art piece and building a rocket for the next day’s competitions. After team meetings, a quick lunch break, and a few playground games like knockout and kickball, the teams were told to line up across the length of the football field for a brand new challenge; Bucket Brigade. This aptly named game required teams to work together to pass buckets of water across the field to fill an empty bin. Immediately after the game concluded and the winner was determined, the field became a massive water fight as the first day came to a close.


Captains and Generals stayed after school to help bring the spirit of Color War to another level. This meant drenching the high school in a technicolor splash of streamers, ribbons, and window markers. When students arrived the next day, the high school had undergone a drastic transformation and was now truly fit for Color War.


As the second and final day began, student excitement was at a fever pitch; the second day brought about various activities, but the gem was the sports. Students competed in tightly contested matches of soccer, flag football, and basketball. After these heated games, everybody was ushered to the football bleachers, where they watched as the student-built rockets were fired into the air. While various teams put up a good fight, it was the white team’s rocket that ultimately prevailed due to it being the only rocket to deploy its parachute and land properly. Students were then brought into the basketball court, where an elaborate stage had been setup for the next event. Each team was then called up to present their artwork and sing two songs; a Jewish song selected by the judges and a “remixed” version of a popular song meant to embody the spirit of that respective team. A small band composed of the school’s music instructors played the accompaniment to these performances. Team videos, which encompassed the entirety of Color War from each team’s unique perspective, were then presented to close the ceremony. Finally, after all the fun, Color War was coming to a close and a champion would be crowned. After tallying the points, it was announced that the White Team of Shamayim had emerged victorious. The team excitedly danced and celebrated on stage as yet another successful Color War came to a close.


Yishai Cohen and Shoshana Yachnes deserve a special shoutout for all their efforts to organize yet another incredible and memorable Color War; thanks to you and all the teachers and administrators that made this year’s iteration so special.

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