Humanity for Humanity

We are humans, but are we humane? What makes us so fortunate, so lucky and deserving to be honored with this title? There has to be a reason, a purpose behind the words. If there isn’t, then no words would make sense and they too would be just letters without a meaning. Although, we express our thoughts through words with emotion, so that is not the solution. There has to be a logical explanation for the connotation of our label.

Humanity is described as the human race. It is also defined as benevolence, compassion and morality. But how is that possible? People are corrupted, conceited and self-obsessed. They destroy others and themselves; they even pollute nature, where all is kindness and truth, and it has all been told and proven throughout history. From our birth to the present day, humans have demolished everything for power, war, bloodshed and death. It’s all written in the books, the ones we read and learn from. The same pages we give our children, so they can acquire a knowledge of the past and not repeat what already has been done. Why have humans, out of all the species in the world, been granted the title of righteousness and goodness while they seem to be the opposite? It’s not like we haven’t been given a second chance, we’ve had thousands of years to prove our name right, but yet, we haven’t.

Constantly, we find ourselves trying to discover our “mission” or “cause” in the world, yet sometimes it simply feels fruitless. We must have a goal, a motive to be living on this earth, but we have still not figured it out. Increasingly, faith in mankind has weakened, becoming fragile like the wings of a butterfly, so thin the light is visible as it passes through, but somehow we keep holding on. We clench to a seemingly useless thread because we hope it’s leading to something massive; to a thick and fascinating quilt with answers, but we just hadn’t found the right string to the right quilt.

Nonetheless, we fight to stay optimistic, but the daily and horrifying news proves us wrong. War, bloodshed, death. Day after day after day, the corruption of humankind shows itself, degrading our name. We were doing everything except prove our caption right. We resist, however, because there has to be humanity in humanity, or else the words wouldn’t be the same.  

Clarity comes only until realizing: we were playing the game without the instructions. We were reading the book upside down. This knowledge arrives only through our personal experiences, as it opens our eyes and shows us that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. This miraculous act is working to assist others. It can be found in solely listening to a friend, or holding the door for a stranger. By volunteering to feed the homeless, collecting toys for kids on holiday season, or gathering clothes to donate to a women’s shelter we can sincerely help one another. We just have to try and break away from any obstacle that is holding us back, and only then can we finally recognize the true essence of mankind: empathy, generosity, goodness.

We are granted the ability to impact another person for the better. Face to face, heart to heart, human to human. We possess the power to improve the life of another, to enrich souls and fill them with sensitivity. We simply must find the drive within ourselves.

Without each other, there would not be a people or a history; we are all building ourselves and our legacy together, and slowly but surely we are leading that story in the right path. “We rise by lifting others,” explained Robert G. Ingersoll. People could open their eyes and love each other, see through the barriers of our differences. By lending a hand to each other was the only way to see who we truly were and what we were set out to do. Not by living for ourselves, but by living for each other. By living for every creature that crawls in this very Earth, through the understanding of coexistence and solidarity.

All this time, we had merely been overcome by the need to mature, to ripen like a fruit until we could be opened. We had just been experimenting, as we tried to find ourselves, but for the wrong reasons. Only after we see for each other, we can see ourselves, so it is our responsibility to acknowledge one another. As Mahatma Gandhi wisely said, “The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.” Let’s embrace our name and have some humanity for humanity because just like every good author gives a meaningful title to their novel, we were fit perfectly for ours.

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